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  • Finnovation

    The financial market in China is in the period of rapid development and renovation, and the interest rate liberalization and RMB internationalization are forces that promote the development. Traditional financial institutions and various organizations seeking for financial innovation services participate in the reform and open a new era of financial technology innovation. As the field of innovation and upgrading of traditional finance, FinTech utilizes science and technology to provide better financial services for customers, improves efficiency of financial service and reduces costs of financial services. The application of information technology increases the number of receivers for financial services and improves the frequency of financial services, thus expanding the scale of the entire financial service market.



    Financial + Innovation = Finnovation

    Financial industry and Innovation thinking jointly breed an innovation trend (Finnovation) in the financial field, so as to realize innovation of financial products, innovation of financial services, innovation of financing channels, innovation of risk pricing models, innovation of credit investigation means, improvement of financial assets circulation efficiency, strengthening of financial market efficiency and generalizing of inclusive finance, for the purpose of promoting the standardized development of finance industry and serving the real economy more effectively.

  • FinPlus Fund

    Focus on early projects of FinTech innovation


    What FinTech need is what FinPlus


    FinPlus is the first Angel Fund of FinTech venture capital, FinPlus Finnovation promotes integration of financing and innovation power, and each term of six-months “FinPlus Wormhole Acceleration Plan” will import overseas FinTech innovation enterprises into Chinese market and explore FinTech entrepreneurship programs in China, so as to provide Angel Investment and follow-up financing service for innovation projects in FinTech field, allow enterprises and top mentors of the industry to carry out in-depth exploration for project and explore potentialities, make innovation projects conform to the best suggestion of development tendency of financial industry, and jointly build a industrial eco-system of financial technology (FinTech Eco-System).


    Customize acceleration plan

    FinPlus Fund

    Industrial eco- system

  • Fin+ Wormhole

    FinPlus focus on FinTech Invest, provide a series of sevice to portfolios, include product design, operating planning, receiving users, risk management advice, financial assets, business support, etc…And grouped bank, data platform, research firm, media, sevice firms. Build a FinTech Eco-System for sharing and developing.


    FinPlus Wormhole courses

    • China FinTech innovation tendency and opportunity
    • Internet product design in FinTech
    • Financial product design in FinTech
    • FinTech ToB/ToC operation planning
    • FinTech project cold start, acquisition of customer
    • Financial affairs and legal affairs of start-up enterprises
    • Enterprise culture and team building
    • Financing techniques and project demonstration
    • China policy interpretation and operation compliance

  • Fin+ Services

    In six months, product grows rapidly just like realizing a space leap, and certainly, comfortable and open office environment and top mentors are available.

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    FinPlus FinTech Eco-System

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    We believe working side by side is the best way learning more.

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  • FinPlus and industrial ecology alliance resources

    • FinPlus will provide Angel Investment Funds

    • FinPlus FinTech Eco-System already has 1,000,000 C-terminal superior-quality user resource stream guidance and financing institution business resources in the industry at present

    • FinPlus Wormhole plan has top mentors and acceleration teams which have graduated successfully in the industry, and they can provide face-to-face analysis, answer your questions and put forward constructive opinions, so as to allow you to make more profound judgment for the project.

    • FinPlus tracks, observes and carries out in-depth study and analysis for latest industry trends, as well as makes all participants able to keep up with hot spots and adjust or upgrade product strategy in time.

    • Give you an opportunity to stand on the stage of first-class capital organization to present your project achievement and obtain more investments.

    • Interview report of overseas and domestic media, attract attention of global market

    • Join in FinTech MBA class which has forward thinking in the industry, share the leading edge information with preeminent forerunners of the industry, and improve the team strength efficiently.

    • FinPlus provides all alliance resource assistance for you, including product design, internet data, user experience, market analysis, marketing promotion, legal affair, finance and accounting, human resources, etc.

    • A series of top talents reserve program in the industry, you might be able to find most appropriate members here.

    • We know very well that road of financial innovation is full challenges, you can find a group of like-minded people here

  • If you……


    If you are innovating one of the following FinTech projects, then FinPlus will be most suitable wormhole shuttle machine for you.

    • Innovative intelligent financing advisor, personal debit and credit, and credit investigation
    • Internet insurance industry chain innovation project, consumer financial innovation, and asset packaging innovation
    • Enterprise financing, business credit investigation, enterprise debit and credit, supply chain finance, assets disposal platform
    • Big data collection and analysis tool/ platform related to finance
    • Technology research and development service, financial cloud service, service/product which realizes traditional financial service optimization based on internet
    • Payment, foreign exchange, currency and crowd funding
    • Block chain/virtual currency
    • Financial consumer electronics/hardware project, finance IoT
    • Financial technology socialized media public relations, investment social contact and online financial education
    • Associated industry of financial technology (human resources and legal affairs)
    Meanwhile, non-profit public welfare project is welcome to join in

    And if you......

    • Have a team with relevant experience and complementarity
    • Are obsessed with technology-driven idea
    • Are familiar with user demand (B/C)
    • Have financing requirement
    • Have a self-funded capital exceeding 50%
    • Have demand for industrial alliance resources
    • Have a project which already has product prototype or MVP
    • Never forget your initial determination
    • Hold on straight to the end

  • Fin+ Eco-system

    The FinPlus venture capital angle fund, the domestic and overseas top financing institutions, the successful projects in FinTech field and the service agents at upstream and downstream of industry chain jointly establish FinPlus Alliance to build a complete FinTech Eco-system.


    If you are an enterprise of FinTech industry chain, then FinPlus is the most valuable ecological platform for you.

    - FinTech growing-period enterprise

    - Emerging financial service institution

    - Financial data platform and credit investigation platform

    - Financial system development and solution provider

    - FinTech investment organization

    - Emerging financial media and service

    - Banks, securities traders, various funds, trusts and insurance organizations etc. which are focusing on FinTech

    - Market research agency, consulting organization, accounting firm, law office and some other professional service organizations

    - Industry insiders who are interested in FinTech



    If you are innovating one of the following FinTech projects, then FinPlus will be most suitable wormhole shuttle machine for you.

  • Fin+ Focus

    FinPlus You&Me, spread Finnovation concept

    FinTech Insight

    Global industry dynamics

    FinTech Research

    Industry depth analysis

    FinPlus Demo

    The world and your stage

    FinPlus Club

    Private industry exchange

  • Fin+ Portfolio


    Startups with FinPlus FinTech Fund

    Stock property asset management + tenancy agreement securitization internet financial platform, promote real estate stock property division and help transformation of asset-light of the industry.


    Linghui Technology/领会科技

    Startups with FinPlus FinTech Fund

    Linghui Technology takes inclusive finance as the entry point, initiates interworking mode of twin port of financial planner and investor, and builds an on-line real-time sales and commission settlement system of financing products. By integrating data, training, information, interaction and other resources, it provides complete internet advancement channel for financial planners and forms an interactive marketing ecosphere which centers on financial planner.

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    What FinTech need is What FinPlus